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  • Handmade with Love

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Versatile Decor

  • A Touch of the Orient

Each Lamp is Not Just A Source of Light; It's a Masterpiece That Tells A Story, Captivates Your Senses, and Transforms Your Space Into A Haven of Warmth and Enchantment.

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Mystical Glow

Transform your room into an enchanting oasis with Turkish mosaic lamps.

"Bring the vibrant essence of the Turkish market to your home

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Colorful Harmony Candlelit Romance

Create an intimate, candlelit ambiance with the flickering light of mosaic lamps, perfect for romantic evenings at home.


Handmade Mosaic Lamp Made in Turkey
Mosaic glass pieces & beads on a glass globe

Body Color: Antique Brass

UL/CE Certified Power Cords with an On/Off Switch
E12 LED INCLUDED - Uses E12 Candelabra/Chandelier Bulb
Made in Turkey




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Where do you ship from?

We ship out of Arizona.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once we ship, between 2-5 business days to the continental US.

Do I need to subscribe?

No. We appreciate one time orders.

How can I track my order?

We will provide a tracking number when your order is fulfilled.

How do I choose my shade?

Each lamp has shade options for you to choose from.

What if I have chosen the wrong color?

Please email us at info@sultanalamps.com with your order number.

How do I attach the glass shade to the lamp?

Pinch the clamp system and slide the shade on the lamp. As you release the clamps, they will hold the shade up.

Is there a light bulb included?

Yes, we include an E12 LED with all of our lamps.

What should I do if my lamp arrives damaged?

Please email us at info@sultanalamps.com with your order number. Include a picture of the damaged lamp and we will begin the claims process.